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trace heating ancillaries


ESH Trace Heating Ltd manufacture and supply a comprehensive range of heat trace ancillaries to support our extensive product range.

We provide full termination kits for use with all of our trace heating tape, surface heating jackets and pads complete with easy-to-follow installation instructions and guidance.

All our ancillary products are available to buy online at www.traceheatingdirect.com


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 ˜ ESH Product Range  ˜

Termination Kits

(Constant Wattage)

Termination Kits

(Self Regulating)

Junction Boxes

Silicone Joint Kits

In-line Splice Kit

Constant Wattage Trace Heating Termination Kit Self Regulating Trace Heating Termination Kit Trace Heating Junction Box Constant Wattage Silicone Joint Kit Trace Heating Splice Kit

Constant wattage heating tape termination kits with either heatshrink or silicone moulded adhesive seals.

Self regulating heating tape heatshrink termination kits.

Commercial & industrial junction boxes for use with trace heating tapes & general wiring applications.

Silicone joint kits allow the splicing or 'T' connecting of heating tapes. Available in 2, 3 & 4 way joints.

In-line splice kits for the joining of two cables & back end termination.



Mounting Bracket Kit

Insulation Entry Kit



Cable Entry Glands

Fixing Tape

Warning Labels

Trace Heating Mounting Bracket Kit Trace Heating Entry Kit Trace Heating Thermostat Entry Glands Trace Heating Fixing Tape Trace Heating Warning Labels

Stainless steel pipe mounting bracket kits.

Thermal insulation entry kits designed to offer mechanical protection to heating tape when passing through insulation cladding.

Thermostat entry glands. Rated IP68.

PVC, aluminium, glass & silicone adhesive fixing tapes.

Trace heating warning labels for identification of trace heating systems concealed by thermal insulation.