Heating Jackets, Mats and Panels

heating jackets, mats & panels


ESH Trace Heating Ltd manufacture custom made non-insulated and insulated heating jackets, surface heating mats and panels for many applications of up to +400°C.

Due to our flexibility we can design surface heating systems from customer specifications, produce full design briefs or prototypes and manufacture with full customer branding to allow customers to market their own business rather than ours.

Application includes:

  • Industrial pumps and valves
  • Containers and vessels
  • Industrial storage tanks
  • IBC containers
  • High vacuum bake out 


 ˜ ESH Product Range ˜

 Flexible Heating Jackets

  T ype ESH Heating Panels

 Type AGS Heating Panles

Type GRP Heating Panels

Flexible Trace Heating Jacket Type ESH Trace Heating Panel Type AGS Trace Heating Panel Type GRP Trace Heating Panel

Insulated heating jackets can overcome heating problems with very complex shapes of differing vessels.

♦ Can be designed to customer drawing or site visit & evaluation

♦ Working temperatures of up to +400°C

♦ Constructed using high quality industrial fabrics & materials

Designed for the heating of industrial storage tanks & vessels.

♦ Can be maintained at elevated temperatures of up to +100°C

 Suitable for use on horizontal or vertical cylindrical storage tanks

 900 watts per m² as standard

Lightweight surface heating panels suitable for applications on flat surfaces.

♦ Max withstand temperature +180°C

 Can be supplied with self adhesive back face

 Available in 50V, 110V & 240V ratings

Industrial grade heating panels for process vessel heating applications.

♦ Suitable for applications from -30°C to +100°C

♦ Impervious to most chemcial attacks

 For us on internal & external locations

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