High Temperature Trace Heating

High Temperature Heating Tape


Our specialised high temperature trace heating glass and silica glass insulated tapes can be custom made to suit specific application requirements.

These high power, high temperature heating tapes are suitable for a temperature range of -100°C to +750°C.

Applications for our high temperature tapes include:

  • Laboratory use
  • High vacuum plant bake-out
  • Pre-heat prior to welding
  • Lead solder lines

High temperature cables are factory terminated in a made-to-measure, ready-to-fit form.

Please note these are high power tapes.


 ˜ ESH Product Range ˜

Type IGS

Type GW

Type IGS high temperature heating cable Type GW high temperature heating cable

Type IGS is a specialised high temperature glass insulated heating tape which can be custom made to suit specific application requirements. A high power heating tape suitable for dry conditions in a range of -100°C to +450°C.

Type GW heating tape is an industrial grade series resistance tape suitable for process pipe heating applications from -70°C to +200°C. Suitable for use on indoor or outdoor locations due to the silicone rubber over sheath. Heavier organic liquids will not generally significantly affect the rubber sheath. Resistance to dilute inorganic acids is very good. Up to 20% concentration and 150°C, sulphuric acids do not damage the rubber. Resistance to dilute alkalis is similarly good.

˜ Construction ˜

The heating tape comprises of four Nichrome heating elements insulated each side with woven glass tape sewn to form individual pockets.

Type IGS tape contains three layers of glass cloth which are used on each side of the heating element and cold leads of glass braid insulated nickel conductors are fitted at one end of the heating tape. With type GW, the element is over sheathed in silicone rubber and the front and back ends are terminated and then hot moulded at each end.

If you are in any doubt as to the use of the heating cable and/or the suitability for your application please contact ESH.

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