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Leak detection systems

Q.  When Is A Leak Detection System Required?


A water leak detection system is needed when there is a risk of water penetrating a critical area and some insurance companies are now insisting that a leak detection system must be installed as part of the policy.

Typical leak detection and monitoring applications would include:

  • Data centres
  • I.T suits & server rooms
  • Archiving facilities
  • Art galleries
  • Museums
  • Hotels
  • Hospitals
  • Banks
  • Military establishments
  • Telecommunication centres
  • Process plants
  • Offices
  • Commercial buildings


Q.  Why Install A Leak Detection System?


Pipework leaks are rare, but the ability to identify and respond to a leak early can be critical in saving valuable files, data lose, artwork and property damage for example.

A leak will often occur when you least expect it and can come from a variety of sources - water pipes, air conditioning units, toilets, kitchens and rain water. Ensure that both property and expensive technical equipment are protected from damage by installing early warning leak monitoring and leak detection systems.


ESH Leak Detection Systems


ESH Trace Heating Ltd can provide an extensive range of both liquid and gas monitoring, detection and alarm systems. From a single pipeline or drip tray, through to a full building monitoring system.