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ESH Trace Heating Ltd provide a comprehensive range of products to prevent the settlement of snow and formation of ice on roads, ramps, stairs, footpaths and emergency exit areas. During harsh winters, snow and ice can often cause many problems for both vehicles and pedestrians. Exposed ramps, stairways and emergency exist areas can become a hazard.

With our diverse range of surface heating products, ramp & stair heating along with commercial underfloor heating systems can be designed, supplied and installed to suit application requirements.

The two main protection systems utilised by ESH are:

  • Parallel circuit constant wattage
  • Parallel circuit self limiting

The parallel circuit trace heating systems are cut-to-length to allow on-site flexibility and no wastage.

The use of parallel circuit trace heating allows flexibility of the system to suit application design requirements and is not restricted by size and shape of the surface.

The application of the heating system can be modified on site to enable full and uniformed coverage across the heated surface due to any design modifications or site restrictions etc.

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Road And Ramp Heating