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Self Regulating Trace Heating Cable

The electrical characteristics of self regulating heating cables are that as pipe / trace heating tape temperature falls under no-flow conditions or due to the decreases in external or internal temperature the electrical conductivity of the semi-conductive polymer core increases, causing the tape to increase output.

As the pipe / self regulating trace heating tape temperature increases under flow conditions or as a result of increasing external or internal temperature, the conductivity reduces and output decreases. The diagram to the right shows this perfectly.

Our self regulating heating cables are suitable for frost protection and low to medium process temperature maintenance.

They are parallel circuit heating cables with self limiting characteristics, designed to be cut from the reel and site terminated to suit pipework requirements. Termination is simple and can be carried out by any competent person.

Self limiting cables are available with braided earth screen and with foil earth screen and multi strand earth lead with polyolefin sheath. Certified tapes are available for use in hazardous area trace heating applications.

 Product specifications, termination & installation instructions below 


 ˜ ESH Product Range ˜

 Type ESRS

  Type FBT  

 Type H2OWAT

 Self Regulating Trace Heating Cable  Self Regulating Trace Heating Cable  Hot Water Self Regulating Cable

Economy domestic and commercial heating cable of simple frost protection systems where cost is a major factor.

 Cost effective

 Simple to install

 Small size (7.3mm x 5.1mm)

 10w/m @ 10°C 240V

 Great for simple frost protection systems

Commercial / industrial heating cable suitable for many low temperature maintenance applications.

♦ Simple to install

 Available in various wattage loadings

 Easy to install

 Maximum withstand temperatures 65°C (energised) 80°C (de-energised)

 Suitable for frost protection & low temperature maintenance

Commercial / industrial heating cable designed to compensate for heat loss from hot water distribution systems.

♦ Simple to install

 For hot water temperature maintenance 

 Can be used for legionella prevention

 Can maintain higher temperatures than FBT range

Maximum withstand temperature 80°C (energised) 100°C (de-energised)


 ˜ Construction ˜

Self Regulating Trace Heating Cable

Our self limiting heating tape core comprising two bus-wire conductors contained within an extruded semi-conductive self limiting heater core with an outer insulating polyolefin sheath.

These trace heating tapes have an earth protection screen in the form of a foil jacket covering a multi strand earth lead.

Finally the self limiting heating tape is finished with a further protective thermoplastic outer sheath over the earth screen.

All our electric trace heating tapes are manufactured to current British and European standards (BSEN) and our Quality Management System is approved to ISO 9001.


˜ Overview ˜


  • Tape will not overheat, even if overlapped
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Simple terminations
  • Type FBT & H2OWAT tapes can be used with Insulation Displacement Connectors (IDC) fast connection systems
  • Power ratings: 10 to 40w/m @ 230V - 10 to 20w/m @ 110V