Bespoke Trace Heating

specialised surface heating systems


ESH Trace Heating Ltd can manufacture custom made trace and surface heating systems for many applications. These bespoke systems can be manufactured to suit customer specific application requirements.

We have a well proven track record in the field of surface heating and have supplied and installed systems for applications as diverse as quarry and power generation, satellite dishes, refrigeration and transport tankers.

Our full design capabilities can be utilised to manufacture from simple sketches, supplied technical drawings, through to a comprehensive site survey and complete prototype mold construction.


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 Tanker Heating Systems

  Satellite Dish Heaters

 Hopper Heating

Heated Hoses

 Tanker Heating Systems  Satellite Dish Heating  Hopper Heating System Heated Hoses

Heating systems for road tankers offer reliability, ease of installation, close temperature control, freedom from corrosion and maintenance. They are constructed from robust high temperature materials operating up to +200°C.

These heater panels are designed to fit the rear of satellite receiving dish aerials to prevent snow and ice accumulation on the front face. Designed as sections requiring 4 to 8 sections per dish, the heaters are lightweight, easily installed and removed and have good thermal transfer. Each panel is fully sealed and suitable for installation in all climatic conditions from -30°C to +70°C.

Hopper heating modules have been specifically developed for use on hopper doors and fly ash hopper heating systems. Hopper heating modules are vibration proof and have good thermal transfer characteristics. These two major features ensure good operational characteristics giving long maintenance free operation with high reliability.

Heated hoses are designed to prevent flow restrictions within a flexible hose. A standard method of construction for different bore size, an infinite variety lengths and the range of materials available enable the design to be individually tailored to customer requirements and retain the high quality of manufacture.


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