Trace heating thermostats

trace heating thermostats


Our manufactured trace heating thermostats and temperature control units offer full control, sensing and monitoring of all of our trace heating products and applications. 

ESH Trace Heating Ltd provide control from simple frost protection air sensing thermostats and temperature maintenance pipe sensing thermostats, to fully integrated digital read-out controllers linked to building management systems.

Trace heating thermostats are recommended for use with all surface heating systems, as temperature control can reduce the system operating costs by as much as 90%.

The tough construction of the units allows for installation in domestic, commercial and industrial (non explosive) areas.

All our trace heating thermostats are manufactured to current British and European standards (BSEN) and our Quality Management System is approved to ISO 9001.


˜ ESH Product Range ˜

 Type STC / STCI

  Type JBT

 Type DTC


 Type STC/STCI Trace Heating Thermostat  Type JBT Trace Heating Thermostat  Type DTC Trace Heating Thermostat Tracepro Temperature Control Unit

Simple frost protection & temperature maintenance stats.Type STCI has a transparent lid which allows users to see temperature set point.

♦ Low cost thermostat

♦ Temperature range 0°C to +90°C

♦ Weather Proof Enclosure Rated IP65

♦ Simple to use & install

♦ STCI is fitted with visible set point & 'mains on' & 'heat on' neons

Commercial / industrial stats for frost protection & process temperature maintaining of pipework & tanks.

♦ Visible set point & 'mains on' & 'heat on' neons

 Terminals for up to 3 heating circuits

 Available for both air sensing & pipe sensing

 Can be supplied with a volt free relay

 Weather Proof Enclosure Rated IP65

A microprocessor-based, digital stat that offers a versatile temperature control with high accuracy.

♦ User programmable with clear digital display

 Temperature range -50°C to +150°C

 Alarm relay allows for integration with BMS

 Accurate temperature sensing

 Compact Weather Proof Enclosure IP65

Provides automatic monitoring & 'circuit switch over' for frost protection & sprinkler systems.

♦ Monitoring trace heating controller

♦ Auto monitoring of up to 2 circuits

♦ Auto switchover facility

♦ Can be integrated with BMS

♦ For use with cable systems between 20w & 3000w

♦ Weather Proof Enclosure Rated IP65

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