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Underfloor Heating

Q.  When Is Electric Underfloor Heating Required?


If you are looking for a cosy, energy efficient heating system, electric underfloor heating could be the answer you are looking for. Whether it's to utilise underfloor heating as your primary heat source, to offer heat loss replacement in conservatories or just comfort heating, there is a cost effective and simple to install solution out there for you.

Our range of heating mats and cables are suitable for use with a variety of floor finishes, including floor tiles, wood, laminates, vinyl, carpet and concrete. (Please refer to the literature for recommended power outputs for different floor types).


Q.  Why Install Electric Underfloor Heating?


  • Efficiency - With a lower running temperature and even distribution of heat, underfloor heating can be up to 15% more efficient than a traditional heating system.
  • Comfort - Underfloor heating provides up to 70% radiating heat, offering a more comfortable climate than radiators.
  • Durability - Underfloor heating systems require no maintenance, as there are no moving parts, there is little that can go wrong.
  • Cleanliness - Underfloor heating produces far less airborne dust particles than radiator systems. It can also help to eliminate dust mites from carpets.
  • Money saving - With underfloor heating being a more efficient system, it can save you money.
  • Space saving - Clear rooms of wall hung radiators, allowing you the freedom to design your room layout without compromise.


ESH Electric Underfloor Heating Products


ESH Trace Heating Ltd supplies a comprehensive range of underfloor heating mats and cables for use within many applications. All electric underfloor heating mats are ready-to-install heating elements, consisting of a thin heating cable attached to a glass fibre mesh, the system is designed for indoor use and direct heating.

No specialist skills are required to install the heating mat systems, however all electrical works should be carried out by a certified electrician.

Our underfloor heating systems are produced in accordance with BS EN 60335.